Trust & Estate Administration

Beller Smith represents fiduciaries (personal representatives, sometimes called executors, curators, and trustees) in all aspects of estate and trust administration. We will assist our clients in determining whether probate is required or desired, and in implementing the court process for probate pursuant to Florida law. The term “probate”, which refers to the court supervision of an estate, is only one aspect of estate administration, which also includes: locating and collecting assets; addressing creditors’ claims; communicating with beneficiaries; coordination or preparation of tax returns; determining fiduciary compensation; distribution of assets; accounting; closing of estate and discharge. We provide our personal representative clients with as much guidance as is necessary to make this complicated process as efficient and simple as possible.

Trust Administration

Similarly, we at Beller Smith provide guidance to our trustee clients in connection with all aspects of trust administration. Our significant expertise in this area is founded on our strong knowledge of, and experience with, the Florida Trust Code. We can lead clients through the trust administration process from inception through final distribution and discharge. Beller Smith accepts representation of trustees for all sizes of trusts, from small trusts to multi-million dollar trusts, and all in between. We tailor our representation to suit the needs of the client, but we are always mindful of cost and strive for efficiency.

Communication is Key

Estate and trust administration requires good communication among many types of professional advisors, including accountants and financial advisors. We excel at coordinating such communications for our clients, and are committed to a team approach in order to achieve the best results possible.

Disputed & Undisputed Matters: Trusts and Estates

Finally, Beller Smith represents many beneficiaries of trusts and estates in both disputed and undisputed matters. We can will advise you of your rights, and make recommendations for strategies to obtain the maximum interest in an estate or trust with minimum conflict. Whether you have one question or many, we are eager to assist.